Baseball is here! Baseball is here! 

Okay, technically baseball has been here all week, but today is the Blue Jays home opener, and while I (sadly) will not be in attendance, it's still hella exciting. Here's to a long season, and to me coming up with some delicious snacks to sneak into the stadium so I don't fall prey to nachos with that plastic-y cheese. I'm not making any excuses for my love of Bud Light Lime, though. On that, I stand firm.

What have you been cooking, lately?

This week I stumbled on Smitten Kitchen's iteration of Lucky Peach's Hot and Sour Soup, and hot damn, I've got a new perfect weeknight meal. I have never had such a savoury, delicious soup come together so quickly -- she really isn't lying when she says the active cooking time is 10 minutes! I added way more hot sauce, and some cooked rice noodles to bulk up the soup a bit for dinner (further stretching its 'inauthentic' label, but to delicious results), and slurped up the leftovers the next day with glee. This one's a keeper.

This delicious & simply recipe, originally designed for brunch, has become one of my go-to dinners. Except without poached eggs, because I cannot poach an egg to save my life. And I add bacon, because why not? Anything we can eat out of a bowl is a winner in my house.

I finally received Yossy Arefi's gorgeous new book Sweeter Off the Vine last week, and I'm overwhelmed with options with what to make first. Thus far I've only salivated over the beautiful photos, but I can't wait to dive in!

I also managed to score a copy of the amazing, punchy, soul-satisfying Koreatown: A Cookbook from the library this week, and I will be making a pilgrimage to Toronto's own Koreatown this weekend to stock up on gochujang, ganjang, and chunjang before I dive in.

In other cookbook news, between this and the copy of Fäviken that I flipped through in the library yesterday, I have realized that I fundamentally do not understand cookbooks that don't feature food on the cover. Gimme some food porn, man! I'm buying a cookbook, not wallpaper.

The photo above is one I instagrammed last summer (and stumbled upon when I fell into a k-hole of my old photos last night), of Smitten Kitchen's utterly perfect Blueberry Crumb Cake. Tonight I'll be dreaming of blueberry season.

Happy Friday, y'all!