I finally understand people who truly, deeply crave salad.

After spending two weeks in France, eating nothing but cheese and bread and chocolate and caramel, I spent my last night in Paris diving into a thai beef salad, so desperate was my poor body for vegetables beyond the occasional olive on a cheese board.* I may be borderline scurvy-ridden, but man was it worth it.

I'll have a full post on all the delicious places I visited in Paris up soon, but for the meantime, I'll be attempting to replicate the delicious falafel I had there, starting with Molly Yeh's falafel sliders. (Does anyone have a food processor I can borrow??)

While I didn't shell out the big bucks to see Beyoncé on her recent Toronto stopover, I can appreciate the love (and $) she threw Caplansky's Deli.

I've spent all spring thinking of ways to use ramps if I come across them at the farmer's market, only to learn that I should probably leave them off my plate.

The mercury is rising, which means we've officially entered that time of year when I try to cook anything and everything outside, in order to keep the heat in the apartment at a manageable level. I can attest that this delicious grilled cauliflower recipe is 100% worth firing up the bbq for.

Speaking of the bbq, I arrived home from my trip to the warm embrace of a new issue of Bon Appétit magazine, all about grilling, and now I can't put it down. Gimme all the skewers!

Happy Friday everyone! Eat an extra scoop of ice cream on my behalf this weekend!

*yes, yes, olives are fruit. whatever.